About Us


SHRI HARI PHARMACEUTICALS is a newly commissioned, professionally managed partnership company. It manufactures oral liquid medicine.

Its manufacturing facilities are located PLOT NO.767/1, VILLAGE:- VADSAR, TALUKA:- KALOL, DIST:- GANDHINAGAR,GUJARAT, INDIA.

SHRI HARI PHARMACEUTICALS.strongly believes in building quality into the products with established quality systems with the help of a team of well-trained and technically qualified, competent & committed personnel.

  • Pharmaceutical-manufacturingactivities as permitted by the licensing authority.

SHRI HARI PHARMACEUTICALS.has received license from Food & Drug Control Administration, Gujarat State for the manufacture of oral liquid medicine

Current valid licenses issued by licensing authority are:                      

Form No 25     Lic no. G/25/2150       dated   05/05/2016  

Form No. 28    Lic no. G/28/1566       dated   05/05/2016    

  • Other manufacturing activities, if any, carried out on the premises:

At this site no other manufacturing activities are carried out.

  • Type of products licensed for manufacture with manufacturing flowchart:

SHRI HARI PHARMACEUTICALS.is licensed to manufacture oral liquid medicine